Continuing our investment in high quality audio visual equipment Nub have added Waves SoundGrid Server One hardware to our hire inventory along with a large complement of plugins to suit any occasion. Currently on tour with Jamie Lawson who’s FOH Engineer & Nub Director Rob Simpson is using the SoundGrid Server for both low latency channel inserts and effects processing to give additional depth and warmth to the mix. The system is available for hire with or without plugins included from £50 +VAT per day. Interfaces are available for our Allen & Heath dLive S5000 and Midas Pro2c & M/X32 Consoles (via the DN9650 Protocol Converter).

The SoundGrid Server One is the “number cruncher” that processes audio in a SoundGrid network. Audio is streamed from a mixing console to the server, processed in low latency, and streamed back to the console. Audio connections are established using a SoundGrid host application. WavesLive offers comprehensive real-time, low-latency processing, recording and networking solutions for live, broadcast and theater productions, placing studio-grade processing tools in the hands of engineers for leading performers and renowned productions worldwide. From equalizers, compressors, reverbs and delays to metering, stereo imaging, surround tools and beyond, Waves’ award-winning plugins can be used with virtually any console.