Following an extremely successful and busy summer season followed by a headline UK arena tour with Jamie Lawson, Nub have invested in a new Martin Audio stage monitor system comprising the critically acclaimed LE1500S. These stage monitors are available immediately. A four mix, bi-amp monitor package with 6x wedges is available for £200 +VAT per day.

The Martin Audio LE1500S is a compact, high performance stage monitor combining high output and controlled dispersion with discreet, contemporary design. It features a high–specification 15” low frequency drive unit and a 1.4” exit compression driver mounted on a differential dispersion horn. Differential dispersion technology increases the area over which a constant SPL and consistent frequency response is maintained at ear height, enabling the artist to move around more freely.

Driven actively, the LE1500S is supplied with Nub’s existing bespoke four mix bi-amp monitor racks comprising 2x XTA DP224 controllers providing crossover, limiting and EQ functions, along with Lab Gruppen LAB1200c Quattro on HF and LAB2002 for LF amplification duties. The LE1500S can also be operated in passive mode and allowing them to be used without a controller allowing for a compact passive monitor system when required.