Enhance Your Presentation and Teaching Spaces

We integrate technology into the education and training process to enhance and develop learning. Robust display technology improves the learning environment.

High Fidelity Content Display

A modern improvement on traditional projected whiteboards. 4K resolution lets you communicate every detail with precision. No projector means no shadows or glare. The sealed touchscreen is factory calibrated for life.

Suited to Any Environment

Upgrading to an interactive touch display lets you immediately benefit from the superior brightness of the daylight visible screen. 20 point multi-touch, palm rejection and intelligent pens facilitate collaborative work or play on one device.

Complete Integrated Package

Inbuilt Windows or Android operating systems ensure the screen is ready when you are. There’s no need to tie up an external device for the whole session to get the most from these screens.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

Microsoft Surface Hub

Enable teamwork anywhere with Surface Hub 2S, an all-in-one digital whiteboard, meetings platform, and collaborative computing device that brings the power of Windows 10 to teamwork.

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Whiteboard
  • Miracast
  • Office 365
CleverTouch Impact Plus Displays

CleverTouch Education Platform

The best display for interactive teaching and lesson delivery. Built to engage students with familiar applications and support for your existing interactive whiteboard files.

  • 4K Wireless Display Mirroring
  • Works with Your Existing Lessons
  • Windows, Mac, Chromebook Compatible
  • High Strength Toughened Glass Display
Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards

We support traditional interactive whiteboard and projector solutions to ensure maximum benefit from your investment. We supply retrofit solutions for existing systems or new projection based systems.

  • High Brightness, Ultra Short Throw Projectors
  • VGA & HDMI Support
  • Wall Mounted Speaker Systems
  • Replacement Pens, Input Panels, Cables

Award Winning CleverTouch Suppliers

We install award winning CleverTouch interactive displays. Sizes from 55 to 86 inches suit any room. 4mm thick anti-glare safety glass reduces reflections and improves safety.

Share content and ideas using Clevershare. Clevershare works with any device, allowing participants to screen share, cast content and annotate no matter what platform they use (including iOS, Android, Windows and Chrome).

With up to 50 connected devices, the session leader can choose which screen to display on the main display. Annotate over them, change devices, and highlight content. This fluid way of working allows session leaders to use their own tablet as a remote for the Clevertouch display, enabling them to walk around the room and interact with participants.

Interactive Touch Screens for Education

The CleverTouch platform lets you engage students using your existing teaching materials plus a range of new tools and apps. Compatible with all your existing Interactive Whiteboard files, the bundled Lynx software allows you to expand your creativity with new features. Interactive maths tools, calculators, clocks and games all operate without requiring the legacy flash files of other platforms.

Every CleverTouch also ships with access to hundreds moderated and advertisement free Apps on the CleverStore. These education focused apps are shaped by educators worldwide and are in-app purchase free.

The bundled Snowflake software provides innovative educational games and tools designed to bring teaching to the iPad generation. The highly graphical and customisable games are adaptable to suit your curriculum needs.

Full remote MDM device management allows for centralised management, deployment and upgrades.

Interactive Displays for Business

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2S is an ideal solution for business collaboration. Seamlessly integrated with your existing enterprise platforms; Office 365, Teams Whiteboard, OneDrive, Sharepoint; Surface Hub is the focal point for your collaborative team meetings. The bright and vibrant display helps you communicate with your team clearly. HDMI input from external devices supports the full range of Windows applications on your own device.

The CleverTouch range of displays connect to your existing AV systems to amplify your message. Tested with leading business software including Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Revit and Teams and compatible with pretty much any piece of Windows or Mac based software, you can eloquently present your ideas and findings to your audience with the minimum of fuss.

Flexible Mounting Solutions

We have developed a proprietary mounting solution for large format displays which ensures a solid fixing into any wall make-up. There is no more worrying that your walls won’t be able to support the weight of modern touch screens.

Our bespoke mounting bracket allows screens to be installed anywhere indoors including freestanding and in-front of glass panels. This discrete, low-profile, mounting bracket adds only 63mm of additional depth over a standard wall mount solution and hides all the cabling feeding the screen.

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