Protect Your Facilities From Unwanted Attention

We fit crystal clear, high resolution CCTV systems which offer the best chance of defending your property from both visible and invisible threats.

Discrete CCTV Cameras

You’ve spent a lot of effort getting your building to look it’s best, now you want to protect it too. We stock compact, discrete, IP CCTV cameras which can be positioned subtly on your building to provide comprehensive security without affecting the appearance of your premises.

Our installers work with your team of architects and contractors to specify a comprehensive CCTV solution for your site. We integrate with building management systems and provide a complete monitoring package.

  • 24/7 Recording
  • High Resolution Day/Night Images
  • Instant Notifications
  • Motion Detection

Wireless Outbuilding CCTV

Remote buildings and distant sites are most at risk of unwanted intrusion. We supply high resolution, wirelessly connected CCTV camera systems for permanent and temporary monitoring of sites where there may be no fixed utilities. All our wireless backhaul use enterprise grade encryption ensuring images are seen only by authorised individuals.

Receive instant alerts to motion and movement detection with secure recording to off-site locations for reliable evidence capture.

  • WiFi & 4G Uplinks to Central Storage
  • Off-Grid Solar Systems
  • Vandal Resistant Perimeter Solutions
  • Temporary Site CCTV

Temperature Sensing Systems

Ensuring the safety of your staff and guests is a never ending challenge. Reliably and non-intrusively monitoring people for signs of infection is key to controlling the spread of disease. We install calibrated, high resolution thermographic screening cameras in foyers, entrance halls and public spaces to detect high temperatures commonly linked to infectious disease.

Instant alerts are generated by the artificial intelligence system and linked to both the thermal and standard image of the affected person.

  • Installed and Handheld Solutions
  • Facial Recognition
  • 0.3°C Accuracy
  • Logging and Live Alarms
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Putting Image Quality First

  • Broadcast Grade Specification

  • Visual Technology Experts

  • Secure by Design

Capturing good quality CCTV images should be done by experts in visual technologies. Understanding focal lengths, resolutions, frame rates and dynamic range is our speciality. We use broadcast methodology to design and specify your visual security system. Our team consider camera positioning, field of view, illumination, glare and shadow when choosing the equipment and positioning for your networked CCTV cameras.

We work with you to understand your requirements, from a single camera at a reception counter to people counting in a large public space or a specialist automatic number plate recognition system (ANPR) we specify the correct hardware, software and implementation for your site.

Whole Site CCTV Solutions

  • Education

  • Sports and Leisure

  • Houses of Worship

  • Offices

Our CCTV systems are modern, expandable and secure. When designing a security system, we take a three step approach to ensuring we provide a system which meets your needs. Firstly, we assess your whole site, your overall requirements for visual security and choose hardware with enough capacity for any expansion plans you may have. Secondly, we install equipment solidly and discretely to provide optimum coverage and minimal visual impact in your space. Finally, we monitor and maintain your systems to keep them working securely and in top condition with regular maintenance visits and firmware updates.

A CCTV system starts with just one camera and video recorder. We scale systems based on immediate need and adopt one-off and phased installation plans to suit space and budget availability. We understand your overall security requirements for your space and design staged deliveries to suit.

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