Enable Your Message to Be Heard Clearly

We supply speech and music tannoy systems which achieve even coverage and reliable transmission of your announcement or chosen playlist.

Background Music Systems

Music plays a key role in the experience of your patrons. We design systems which ensure every one of your customers experience a powerful atmosphere filled with joy and laughter.

Out team consider aesthetic considerations and plan customer experience throughout a space. If you want louder music at the bar and quieter among your tables, this is possible or music that sounds light and distant in your lobby but full and warm inside your doors we deliver perfection.

  • High Fidelity Audio
  • Discrete Loudspeaker Placement
  • Automatic Volume Control

Announcement Tannoy Systems

For a system to be useful, it must be easy to use. A clear and intelligible public address system is essential no matter what the content. Our team design modern digital paging systems using the latest technologies.

We design systems on a room by room basis to meet your needs. Local audio inputs allow integration of your music playback systems in classrooms and gyms into the public-address system to ensure announcements are always audible.

  • Consistent Coverage
  • Robust Hardware
  • Simple Operation

Multi-Zone Control Systems

Modern, intelligent, loudspeaker systems are commonplace in commercial settings. Ensuring systems perform consistently and flawlessly is achieved through smart programming and comprehensive monitoring of hardware.

We deploy advanced multi-zone audio systems using a mix of 100V line, low-impedance and Audio over IP solutions to suit your requirements. Our engineers carefully tune individual zones in every system to ensure that requirements for speech intelligibility, coverage and tonality are met.

  • Digital Signal Processing
  • User Friendly Interfaces
  • Full Logging and Reporting

Telephone System Integration

Flexible telecom systems are already deployed throughout your environment. Public address system integration maximises the potential of your investment and ensures that a paging station is available at every desk.

We supply systems which feature an intelligent user interface using interactive voice recordings. Your users can control playback of announcements per zone trigger pre-recorded announcements and record a live announcement for playback all from your existing analogue or digital telecom system.

  • SIP, PABX and POTS Integration
  • Live and Pre-Recorded Announcements
  • Multi-Zone Selection

Automated Announcement Playback

Integrate modern building principles into your announcement systems. We install systems which allow you to schedule announcements in the same way you schedule other building functions. Our team work with you to understand the best optimisations for your spaces.

Systems can be configured to make announcements when people enter a controlled space or stairwell, at the start and end of shift or regularly to remind people of their H&S obligations. We integrate with fire alarm systems to ensure automatic muting of announcements when an alarm is triggered.

  • Scheduled Announcements
  • Motion Detection Playback
  • Fire Alarm Integration

Streaming Audio Players

No music system is complete without a high quality audio source. We supply the Yamaha MusicCast platform which empowers you to provide high quality music in your spaces. Playback from major streaming platforms, on-site network storage or internet radio. Integrated Phono pre-amps allow for boutique vinyl playback to multiple zones in the system.

Controlled from an intuitive app or a larger control system. MusicCast delivers reliable, robust audio streaming capabilities throughout your premises.

  • Major Streaming Platforms
  • Internet Radio
  • Intuitive App Control
  • Bluetooth & Airplay2 Integration

Flexible PA and Music Systems

  • Restaurants

  • Warehouses

  • Leisure Centres

  • Stadiums

  • Offices

  • Education

We work in spaces of all sizes and deliver the correct music or public-address system for the unique needs of your space.

Our team consider your requirements and specify the correct system to suit. We deploy traditional 100V line systems offering excellent value for money for speech announcements. Multi-Zone low-impedance systems offer supreme audio fidelity and tonality. Audio over IP systems deliver excellent flexibility and the ability to dynamically re-assign speaker zones on the fly as your layout changes.

We integrate with 3rd party systems to ensure a cohesive platform for building management.

Let one of our skilled engineers assist you today.

A high quality loudspeaker system for music or public address is within reach.