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We provide flexible assistive listening systems to support your users to access your content.
Assistive Listening Systems for Meeting Rooms

Meeting Room Assistive Listening

We integrate assistive listening systems into the larger AV system. We feed a tailored audio mix to the listening system to maximise the support provided by the assistive listening system.

  • Fair Participation for All Attendees
  • Support Public Galleries
  • Increase Capability of Spaces

Countertop Communications

Countertop systems offer protection and support for staff and users alike. Our engineers securely fit these systems into the counter surface to ensure reliable performance.

  • Through Window Communications
  • Inclusive Counter Tops
  • Integrated Induction Loops

Performance Space Listening Systems

Widen your audience appeal by offering inclusive performances. We supply single and multi-channel systems which support your users to enjoy the performance as the artist intended.

  • Assistive Listening
  • Audio Description & Language Translation
  • IR, RF & WiFi Systems

Low Spill Induction Loops

Low spill loop systems provide fine control over coverage of the system. Traditional loop systems cover equally inside and outside the perimeter loop. We design phased array induction loops which bring spill under control.

  • Avoid Unwanted Listening
  • Remove Loop Interference on Stage
  • Improve Coverage in the Space

Network Audio Platforms

A campus wide assistive listening experience which lets your users freely roam between equipped spaces. We deploy a modern, mobile first, approach to enabling assistive listening in high turnover spaces.

  • Works over existing network
  • Central Management Platform
  • Secure, Enterprise Ready Hardware

Classroom Soundfield Systems

We design custom speech reinforcement systems for teaching spaces. Our team install multiple discrete loudspeakers for even coverage and tune the system to optimise performance.

  • Support Learning for All Students
  • Combat Poor Room Acoustics
  • Scale to Suite Classroom Size

Do I need an Assistive Listening System?

Yes, In Most Cases.

One in seven of people in the UK suffer from hearing loss, this ranges from a slight loss through to total deafness. The Equality Act requires that you make “reasonably practicable adjustments” to support these people.

Nub aid in the specification, design, installation and maintenance of standards compliant assistive listening systems. We help you to meet relevant legislative requirements and improve the experience of your users who are hard of hearing.

People who suffer from hearing loss require more than just increasing the volume of sound into their ears. The loss of hearing is generally associated with processing auditory information in the brain. People with unaffected hearing can pick out sounds quite easily, even in a noisy environment, which a person who is hard of hearing might struggle with.

When a person loses about 80% of their hearing, they generally need a background noise level that is 15 to 20 times lower than is usually experienced. This can be difficult to achieve unless the desired signal is taken straight from the source and transmitted directly through the assistive listening system to the user’s ears, removing excess ambient noise.

Legally Mandated Systems

The use of assistive listening systems is specifically legislated for by the UK Government.

The Equality Act 2010 specifies that “Service providers are required to make changes, where needed, to improve service for disabled customers or potential customers. There is a legal requirement to make reasonable changes to the way things are done (such as changing a policy), to the built environment (such as making changes to the structure to improve access) and to provide auxiliary aids and services (such as providing information in an accessible format, an induction loop for customers with hearing aids, special computer software or additional staff support when using a service).

Compliant by Design

We design all assistive listening systems to meet relevant national and international standards and certify the systems to provide you documentation as part of your compliance process. Every system we install is fully compliant with relevant legislation.

Our design approach considers the entire audio signal chain. We ensure good quality audio sources and high fidelity processing are a core element of the assistive listening system. Doing this helps ensure compliance with performance standards. Our longstanding audio system experience is applied to assistive listening systems to guarantee excellent results.

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