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Nub are your complete technical event production partner. High quality technical solutions designed, delivered and executed to the highest standard.
Corporate Event Produciton

Corporate Event Production

We deliver stunning corporate event production, understand your needs to deliver on-time and on-budget.

  • Conferences
  • Ceremonies
  • Presentations
Live Event Production

Live Events & Touring

Our passion for live events fuels everything we do. We produce a spectacular performance at any scale.

  • Festivals
  • Touring
  • Theatre
Special Project Event Production

Special Projects

Flexible delivery of your next project. We apply proven technology and methods to even the most challenging brief.

  • Son et Lumiere
  • Weddings
  • Art Installations

Exactly What You Need, Exactly When You Need It.

Let one of our skilled engineers assist you today.

Our event production team are here to discuss your requirements.

Let our design team guide you through the complete production process. We work with you to create a bespoke solution for your event. Our expertise covers all areas of event production, from a custom conference set or dynamic projection mapping to a festival lighting design or immersive sound design. All of this means that our team have the knowledge and experience required to make your event happen.

Our in-house designers are highly skilled in modern design philosophies. Starting at the concept stage, we produce 2D plans and 3D renderings for your event. This helps us to ensure that we understand your vision. Throughout the process, we iteratively adjust these concepts using advanced live visualisation technologies. We ensure you receive exactly what you need without any surprises on the day.

During the pre-production process, we coordinate the production of professional digital content. By doing this, we help you brand your event and communicate its key messages.

Once your design is signed off, our build process begins. Working with specialist fabricators and skilled engineers, we create all the components required for your event.

By using our access to modern CNC technologies such as 3D Printing, Laser Cutting and Plasma Cutting the possibilities are endless. Combining these 21st Century processes with traditional carpentry, metal work, fabric and engineering skills provides a diverse range of options when fabricating bespoke Set, Scenery and Props.

Your entire event is then prepared by our warehouse team. Firstly, every item is tested, down to the last cable; before it is carefully packed and loaded onto our fleet of vehicles. Then, we head to site where our team of experienced technicians assemble, program and rehearse every part of the event plan before your guests arrive. Finally, our quality assured systems of work ensure that nothing is left to chance.

With our management systems in place, we provide you with the knowledge you need and the power to get things done. Over 80 years’ combined experience in managing events means our staff have a deep knowledge of exactly how to execute your event first time, every time.

We understand that knowing your requirements is key. Our staff will ask targeted questions to identify your needs quickly with the minimum of fuss. Throughout the process, we ensure strong communication between your and our teams to deliver results.

From managing technical delivery of a conference through to full management of site and event staff. We deliver strong project management whilst complying with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations. Nub have the knowledge, experience and attitude to provide the service you require.

Coping with tight schedules, fast turnarounds and challenging circumstances are all part of delivering every event. At Nub and we take all of this in our stride. Our agile organisational structure provides the flexibility to deliver. We work with a range of trusted delivery partners to bring every part of your event to fruition.

We hold the Health, Safety and Well-being of our Staff and the Public in the highest regard. To do this, we follow best practice as stipulated in the Events Industry Association Purple Guide and supported by the Health and Safety Executive. Combined with our extensive experience, this lets us deliver safe events every time.

First, our NEBOSH qualified Health and Safety representatives work to ensure that all our practices and methods comply with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Second, we take into account key management and oversight roles as defined in the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) to ensure we are satisfying the strict legislative requirements for temporary builds.

Third, we follow industry best practice and requirements including the Institution of Structural Engineers Guide to Temporary Demountable Structures and BS7909.

Fourth, all our events systems are designed, built and maintained to the highest safety standards and we employ quality control processes to ensure that these requirements are met.

Finally, through strong design, management and build processes, we deliver events safely, on time and on budget.

Let one of our skilled engineers assist you today.

We’re ready to deliver your vision.