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Video Conference Rooms

Like any other meeting, a video conference call works best when there are no distractions, everyone can clearly see and hear each other, and participants can meet in a comfortable environment. Using video conference technology is not a goal for any meeting, it is a facilitator for better meetings.

We design video conference solutions which put behaviour first and technology second to allow you to have a seamless meeting. Behaviour is integration into your existing meeting platform, room booking portals and staff training. Technology is clear video and audio, simple one-touch meeting join and integrated IT management.

  • Microsoft Teams Rooms
  • Zoom Rooms
  • BYOD/Hybrid Rooms

Meeting Broadcast & Archive

Whether in-person or virtual, a meeting should be accessible all members. Making your meeting available via streaming increases participation and improves accessibility in real time as well as for archive.

We integrate discrete video and audio capture systems into your meeting room AV systems. These systems automatically capture your meeting in fine detail. You can be sure the correct person is in frame at all times. Our content aware video capture tracks the currently active speaker using a mix of AI and inputs from the existing AV system.

Integration with cloud media encoders ensures high quality video is always available to your viewers.

  • Live Streaming
  • Content Archive
  • Automatic Video Tracking

Public Meeting Participation

Where the public cannot attend your meeting in person, they may still have a right to view and participate in real-time. As the meeting host, you want control over when and for how long contributors can be seen and heard. We provide unified communication systems which cater for remote participation whilst ensuring you retain final control over the meeting progress and participants.

An integrated unified communications platform allows members to discuss topics as required and invite contribution from select members of the public to ensure the democratic process can take place. Integration of polling, livestreaming, automatic transcription and multi-location meeting control allows for a seamless meeting experience where first use inspires future use.

Remote Meeting Rooms

As the world deals with the Covid-19 crisis and the long-term impact this will have on our democracy, there is an ongoing requirement to support the democratic process. We provide solutions to allow for the ongoing requirement of fully remote or partially remote meetings to take place.

Our unified communications meeting solutions allow participation as if everyone was in the room. Polling, Voting, Presentation and Discussion are all facilitated, recorded and accessible to satisfy requirements for remote meeting attendance under the modifications to the Local Government Act 1972 as detailed in Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings 2020

We integrate remote meeting participation into your new or existing conference AV systems for a seamless hybrid meeting experience.

Make your meetings accessible for all viewers with automated transcription and text based indexing. Your viewers can access a scrolling transcript window alongside your video content so they can easily navigate and follow along with the spoken content of a video.

Speech to Text meeting transcription lets you to deeply integrate spoken content into your indexable website text. Doing this greatly improves search engine optimisation and ease of use for your visitors.

Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner

  • Teams Rooms

  • Surface Hub

  • Intune MDM

As an accredited Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, we work directly with Microsoft to understand their technologies and to specify the best solution for your organisation.

We integrate Microsoft Teams Room solutions with certified audio visual platforms for a full meeting room solution. Our designers use qualified solutions to ensure compliance with strict Microsoft hardware requirements.

Further integrate your Teams Room with a Surface Hub and Microsoft Whiteboard for interactive collaboration.

All Teams Room Solutions are fully manageable from within Intune MDM.

The addition of Microsoft Stream and Azure Media Encoder platforms provides for a fully managed Microsoft cloud solution to your unified communications requirements.

  • Audio

  • Visual

  • Control

Every unified communications system seamlessly integrates with the full suite of AV systems in your space. A single control surface enables you to manage the entire meeting experience, both in-room and externally.

Having already invested in a high quality audio visual system in your spaces, you’re most of the way towards providing a seamless unified communication experience. The same high quality microphones and speakers which reinforce speech in your space is the platform for your audio conferencing. The same displays and wireless content connections which allow you to present let you stream your presentation to the cloud and view remote participants in your video conferencing system.

Meeting awareness automatically starts the room and prepares the space for your meeting. One touch join ensures that your space is instantly ready for your presentation without any technical support required.

We design fully integrated AV systems which delight users with simplicity and quality both in-room and externally every time.

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