Ensure Sound is Present Only Where Desired

We simulate and install acoustic treatment systems to combat both excess reverberation and noise spill.

Performance Space Acoustics

Creating a balanced acoustic in a performance or rehearsal space is challenging. Creating a mood and vibrancy in these spaces is extremely important. We work with venues to strike the balance between an acoustically “perfect” space and the practical limitations of the building.

Theatres, lecture spaces and music venues require high levels of sound insulation, low levels of ambient noise, and highly developed spatial acoustics to give enhanced speech intelligibility and a quality music experience. Achieving high quality acoustics is necessary to the ongoing success of these spaces.

Ambient Noise Reduction

The noise generated in a crowded environment can be overwhelming. An example is lunch time in a noisy canteen, where the sounds of just a few dozen diners completely overwhelms the space. When this happens, it is because the poor acoustics in the space passively amplify the sound. This in turn makes for a very uncomfortable dining environment.

The distracting high frequency echoes which exaggerate soft “S” and “T” sounds or mid frequency nulls which mask vowels are all be tamed with the use of absorption and diffusion panels. We supply acoustic absorption solutions for these spaces which not only make the environment much more manageable.

Acoustic Modelling and Consultancy

By employing specialist 3D acoustic modelling software, we ensure that we provide the best and most discrete solution to the acoustic factors we are assessing. We have experience working within listed buildings, directly alongside Historic England, to achieve effective treatments which have minimal aesthetic impact.

We use modelling and simulation to understand the project. This allows us to suggest tested elements of the design that can dramatically affect the listening experience without breaking the bank. We optimise the acoustics of the space for the specific use case, we shape the response of the space to reinforce desired sounds whilst eliminating unwanted echo.

Industrial Noise Monitoring

Exposure to high levels of noise increases the risk of stress, tinnitus and hearing loss in the workplace. We carry out noise noise risk assessment surveys for businesses to promote a healthier, safer, and more comfortable working environment. These assessments show how your company is performing against the Action Levels specified in the Control of Noise at Work Regulations and which areas or processes are creating the greatest risk to your employees.

We use industry standard methods to measure the level of noise present in a workplace. Once these measurements are taken, we analyse them and provide actionable advice on how to minimise nose risk to employees. We provide tailored advice on how to reduce noise levels and protect your workforce.

Environmental Health Sound Monitoring

We plan to manage challenges associated with noise complaints or licencing restrictions. Our understanding of the live events industry is core to making this plan feasible for all parties.

We identify locations at risk of licence breach and develop a plan to mitigate problem emissions. During the event, we monitor sound levels to ensure we are meeting required targets. After the event, we provide a report stating the final outcomes.

Initial measurements are taken of the area specified in the complaint before, during and after a show. Our engineers then work with venue operators and local authority officials to agree specific reduction levels. Systems to achieve these reductions are then designed and implemented. Finally, further measurements are taken to demonstrate that the source of the complaint has been mitigated.

Speech Privacy Systems

We install sound masking systems to reduce auditory distractions and improve productivity. Fewer sound blocking and absorptive materials are being used in modern buildings. This presents acoustics challenges which negatively impact workplace satisfaction, productivity, and speech privacy.

Our installers deploy specially designed emitters which protect confidentiality, reduce distractions and make the acoustic environment more comfortable.

We install high performance sound masking systems which improve confidentiality, improve concentration and lead to increased productivity.

What is Acoustic Treatment and Noise Management?

  • Unwanted Echo

  • Construction Sounds

  • Busy Halls

  • Uncomfortable Environments

  • Sound Leakage

Acoustic Treatment

When a space is busy or crowded, it can easily become excessively loud and overwhelming for occupants. This happens because unwanted reverberation adds to the amount of unwanted noise in an environment which makes it hard to have conversations without raising your voice or to communicate in a group. We design acoustic treatment solutions which overcome some of these challenges.

Noise Management

The Health and Safety Executive advises that many busy environments can have a hidden noise problem. You may have a noise problem in a space if you must raise your voice to have a conversation, even if for just a small part of the working day. We assess the noise exposure in your environment and design action plans to reduce noise exposure to staff, guests and neighbours.

Improved Classroom Acoustics

  • Lower Volume Levels

  • Reduced Vocal Strain

  • Improved Behaviour

  • Reduced Stress

As class sizes increase and shared working spaces become more common, the impact of poor acoustics on pupils and staff is becoming more prevalent. Poor acoustics can cause issues with attentiveness, distraction of pupils and hinders understanding for auditory learners who will struggle to comprehend speech.

We offer a range of acoustic absorption solutions for these spaces which not only make the environment much more manageable but also improve behaviour and reduce anxiety in SEND pupils by providing a more comfortable auditory environment.

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