Immerse Yourself In A Seamless Smart Home Experience

We deliver finely integrated home automation systems to make your life simpler and your home more complete.

Dolby Atmos Cinema

Bring the thrill of the cinema to the comfort of your home. High grade, cinema spec AV technology is coupled with simple control systems and environmental controls to deliver the ultimate movie night.

We install dedicated cinema rooms or discretely integrate hidden cinema systems into your living spaces to optimise your home environment.

Multi-Room AV

Media at your fingertips in every part of your property. We deliver your favourite video and audio platforms to every screen and speaker.

Our team are experts in audio and video, we deliver optimised AV distribution and control systems.

  • 4K Multi-Room SkyQ/Virgin Media/BT Sport
  • Yamaha MusicCast
  • Discrete Surface and Ceiling Loudspeakers
  • Full In Room & App Control

Lighting, Shade & HVAC Control

Every element of your home environment controlled for the ultimate in comfort and energy efficiency.

Our designers work with you and your build team to finely integrate every square meter of your home.

  • Crestron or Lutron Lighting Control
  • Blinds, Curtains and Windows
  • Central Heating, Air Conditioning, Heat Recovery
  • Automatic Adjustment and Optimisation

Seamless Wireless Networks

The foundation of any home. We deliver WiFi connectivity to 100% of your home and gardens using networking systems which match your usage.

Our networking expertise ensures that no-matter your location, we deliver high speed internet connectivity discretely and securely.

  • 100% Coverage
  • Outdoor WiFi
  • Fibre/Satellite/4G Uplinks
  • VOIP Telecoms

Voice Assistant Integration

The true house of the future. Integrate your entire home with your favourite voice control platform. We configure voice to boost your smart home experience.

We work to understand how you use these systems and integrate a bespoke solution for your environment.

  • Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Custom Routines
  • Per Room Awareness

CCTV & Access Control

Protect your home and your family. Secure your property’s perimeter with access control and intercom. Monitor your assets with high resolution CCTV systems.

We install high quality CCTV and access control systems which act as a theft deterrent and safeguard your property and possessions.

  • Motion Alerts
  • Video Intercom
  • Automated Gates & Doors

Leading Smart Home Brands

We work with leading brands to deliver your seamless smart home experience. Our engineers are manufacturer trained for the design and installation of all your smart home systems.

A smart home starts with just one technology. Lighting, AV, HVAC, Network. We cater for phased installations to suit space and budget availability. Our team understand your end vision for your home and design staged deliveries to suit.

Limitless Customisation

As our customer, you know better than anyone how you want your home to look and feel. We supply systems with a plethora of customisation options to match the design of your home to the finest detail.

Our design process assesses how you use your spaces. We choose the right technology and systems to suit and integrate them seamlessly.

We work with you to understand your requirements and deliver a system which suits your needs. Flexible, custom designed AV and whole smart home systems are installed to meet your ideal home specification.

Hidden Innovation

Some of our best work is hidden in walls & ceilings. Hundreds of sensors, miles of cable and dozens of wireless access points are integrated into your house, in an entirely seamless manner. If it was not for the exquisite functionality that they enable, you would never know they existed.

We go one step further and offer true seamless control. We integrate traditional light switches to trigger system routines, compact and powerful remotes instead of large touch panels and full app integration for control from your existing smartphones. A smart home doesn’t have to look space age. All of your modern comforts are available without a single visual cue that they exist.

Let one of our skilled engineers assist you today.

Let us take your home experience to the next level.