Project Description

A large secondary school required a robust AV solution in their sports hall. Nub specified, supplied and installed a user friendly, ruggedised projection and audio system with a simple control interface.

The Brief

As schools prepared for the return of students after the summer of 2020, the leadership team at a local large secondary school were looking for new ways to deliver traditional whole year and whole school assemblies; all whilst maintaining the class and year group bubbles required for the safety of staff and students. Their solution was to use larger communal spaces such as their sports hall to allow for social distancing and larger capacities.

Large spaces such as sports halls require specific consideration when designing an AV system. There are challenges relating to balls hitting equipment. Also, the very reverberant nature of the space requires specific attention to ensure clarity for those listening.

The school wanted a system which was simple to use, requiring no remote controls or complex instruction sheets to use whilst ensuring any connection plates or control panels are protected from impact in the space.

The Solution

We designed an efficient digital projection system to meet the schools budget. A Vivitek Laser Projector provides 20,000 hours of maintenance free operation. Whilst a custom 5m wide projection screen was specified to include an increased height top boarder. This allowed us to mount the screen enclosure close to the roof reducing risk of ball strike. A full metal projector cage from Unicol protects the schools investment.

Audio was provided by Martin Audio Adorn A55T Loudspeakers distributed around the space. These compact speakers deliver volume and clarity well beyond their size and price point. Finally, a Sennheiser XSW2 Handheld microphone ensures every word is clearly captured and delivered to the audience.

Once competed, Nub provided handover training to staff within the school and continue to provide support as part of our ongoing services.

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