High Flying Experts

Top flight drone based aerial photography and videography for marketing, cinematography, surveying and conservation.

Drones for Surveying

Our drones provide high level photography for surveying land and buildings in high detail 4K resolution.

  • Construction Site Progress Surveys
  • Roof, Chimney and Building Condition Surveys
  • Agricultural Land Surveys

Drones for Cinematography

We use ultra-nimble drones and expert pilots to realise your wildest cinematic sequences with multiple camera options.

  • First person view piloting
  • Nimble and repeatable flight paths
  • Ultra compact drones for building fly-throughs

Drones for Marketing

Digitally stabilised and dual pilot flight systems provide an agile new angle to shoot your next marketing video.

  • Steadicam style fly-throughs indoors and out
  • Office fly-throughs in real-time and time-lapse
  • Safe for use around people and animals

A Head for Heights

Whether one close-up or hundreds of takes on a multi-day shoot. We provide reliable equipment, expert and experienced pilots and all the support you need to produce your next masterpiece.

Nub's pilot team chose the best drone hardware and flying style to suit your creative requirements. We work with you, create concepts, innovate and plan each shot to capture footage exactly as you imagined.

Take advantage of our pilots' thousands of flight hours for advice on getting the best from your time on-set with our drones. View our stock-footage and showreels for inspiration and experience your footage live and in-real time using the drone's onboard cameras to ensure we're getting the exact shot you want.

"Using drones for our building surveys has completely changed the way we work. We can now access areas in minutes which used to take days to safely erect a scaffold just for a 5 minute inspection. The quality of the footage, in real-time lets our surveyors make judgement calls and guide the pilot around our buildings whilst the drones are still in the air."

Mike Richards, Facilities Team Southwest

Your Feet Firm on the Ground

Guide our pilots to survey, observe and assess buildings and land up to 1km away from our take-off site using live view video headsets. Improve the efficiency of your team whilst reducing risky working at height. You will also benefit from a permanent record of the survey in 4K, perfect for compliance management and documentation.

Our drone survey platforms are stabilised and GPS tracked ensuring they go exactly where you want them to go. We provide the footage you require to make your expert assessments.

We help reduce the time taken to perform your specialist surveys, improve safety and access locations for a lower cost than using mobile elevated work platforms to improve the efficiency of your operation.

Let one of our talented pilots assist you today.

Our flock of drones provide unlimited options for your aerial photography, videography and survey needs.