Our wide range of Radio Mic and Wireless In Ear Monitoring Systems available to hire give the flexibility and control you need to seamlessly deliver your content. Whether for a presenter at a conference or a musical in the theatre, Nub have the radio mic hire solution for you.

Radio Mics and In-Ear Monitor Systems are a lot more than just a transmitter and receiver. Careful consideration of frequencies and licensing form a key part of the radio mic hire and use process. Whether for Live Events, Conferences, Awards or Theatre, ensuring you have the correct radio microphone system supplied for your event is a key priority.

Nub have qualified engineers on staff who can help you select the best radio equipment to hire for your event and even manage all the frequency co-ordination and allocation on your behalf. Our radio mic systems for hire from leading manufacturers such as Sennheiser and Shure mean we will always have a system that fits your needs from a single handheld mic through to dozens of lapels or headsets for large scale musicals.

Our most popular Sennheiser EW300-G3 radio mic systems for hire come in Handheld, Lapel and Headset variants from just £35+VAT including licensing on the shared Ch38 band ensuring that piece of mind.

To talk to one of our experienced engineers about how we can help you with radio microphone hire for your show or event you can contact us on info@nubsound.com or 01752 255456.