Sennheiser now offers a brand new Tray-M Set with 2 satellites for dedicated meeting rooms. The set features one master unit and one satellite plus the stationary tray charger. The Tray-M Set is the perfect fit for smaller online meetings of up to 12 participants.

Sennheiser TeamConnect Wireless, the first portable wireless conference system for online meetings. Its ease of use, multiple connectivity options, fast setup, high audio quality and award-winning design make Unified Communications simply more efficient.

TeamConnect Wireless supports all Unified Communications requirements for online meetings and offers multiple connectivity options. Users can quickly connect with any laptop or smart device, wirelessly via NFC enabled Bluetooth or via USB/3.5mm jack wired connections. TeamConnect Wireless also supports multiple simultaneous audio channels, so joining additional callers to an ongoing online meeting is easy, too.

TeamConnect wireless set with 1 master, 1 satellite, 2 batteries, charging strip, power supply, USB cable and cable harness