The SL Boundary Set DW includes the wireless boundary microphone SL Boundary 114-S DW, the SL Rack Receiver DW and everything needed for usage and installation. The SL Boundary 114-S DW is optimized for speech transmission in conference rooms. Being independent from any cables, the SL Boundary 114-S DW offers highly flexible application possibilities for users. The SL Boundary SET DW features inductive charging, the SL Boundary 114-S DW can either be charged wirelessly or via USB. The wireless power transmitter CHG 2W for two mobile devices is available separately. The SL Boundary 114-S DW provides clear battery life indication via dedicated battery status LEDs. The set comes with rechargeable accupack with up to 12 hours of operating time. All devices can be monitored and controlled remotely with the Sennheiser Control Cockpit.

Includes 1x SL Boundary 114-S DW, 1x SL Rack Receiver DW with power supply, 1x USB cable, 1x BA 40 rechargeable battery and 1x GA 4 rack mounting kit