With its specially designed midrange driver, the compact KH 310 is particularly suited for precise work with speech, vocals, guitars and other instruments that have a midrange emphasis. Its closed design enables a very fast transient response. The associated low harmonic distortion guarantees a neutral reference sound to meet the highest standards.

The KH 310 is a three-way tri-amplified monitor with thermally protected Class AB amplifiers (210 W and two times 90 W). Its Mathematically Modeled Dispersion (MMD) waveguide delivers sound waves into the room with superior accuracy. The drivers are modeled using Neumann’s in-house developed software, which reduces non-linear distortion in every situation. Sound distributed in a horizontally precise manner ensures flexibility in the listening position; the narrower vertical dispersion reduces the negative effects of nearby reflections, for example from a desk or mixing console. The precisely controlled dispersion characteristics optimize reproduction in different room configurations and the response is extremely adaptable through various acoustical control settings.

Active Near-field Monitor, left version, 8″ + 3″ + 1″ drivers, magnetically shielded, additional BNC / XLR 192 kHz digital inputs and delay feature, 16.2 liters, 210 + 90 + 90 W, 116.3 dB SPL, 34 – 21k Hz, metallic anthracite