O-Line is an award-winning, aesthetically pleasing, modular micro line array designed for a wide variety of architectural applications, from houses of worship to transport terminals. It combines innovative acoustic design with powerful optimisation software to achieve optimum coverage with unprecedented accuracy over a pre-defined area.

O-Line can now also be taken into a new dimension of coverage, consistency and control when used with an iK81, or with a combination of VIA2004 amplifier and DX4.0 controller, to independently control and power each individual enclosure. This unlocks the full potential of O-Line – further refining coverage consistency and increasing the ability to “dial-out” the influence of the room by accessing DISPLAY’s “hard avoid” capability and electronically adjustable coverage.

Unlike many DSP “steered” columns, an O-Line array does not produce unwanted vertical sidelobes in the audio band. This is critical in reverberant environments as sidelobes firing above and below the array simply adds to the reverberant energy, impacting on intelligibility. O-Line’s ability to reproduce very high frequencies without sidelobes makes it the ideal solution for both full-range speech and music reproduction in reverberant spaces.