Designed by teachers, for teachers. Make lessons extraordinary with the new IMPACT Plus. Feature rich, with solutions that free teachers from the constraints of the restrictive traditional classroom.

Clevertouch multi award winning touchscreens for education are designed to inspire whilst enhancing the welfare of teachers and students alike. As the digital classroom develops, collaboration and interactivity are becoming an everyday feature. We believe in giving you the freedom to connect any device to your Clevertouch screen. With Clever Account profiles, any teacher can walk up to any Clevertouch and get their settings in any classroom.

Communicate and send instant messages to every Clevertouch screen in your school, from one central location with CleverMessage. Send tailored messages to selected or all of your screens. Create fully customizable welcome screens and use your Clevertouch as 24/7 digital signage when not in use.

Full of apps and resources to capture the attention of all students, and make lesson planning a quick and simple process.

With IMPACT BUILT IN! Super Wide Sound, Clevershare, NFC with Cloud Accounts, Array Mic, Cleverstore, Whiteboard App, Lynx and Snowflake.