Powersoft is an Italian company specialising in the design and production of professional high-end technologies for the professional audio market such as power amplifiers, loudspeaker components and software for use primarily in installed and live sound applications.

Since 1995, Powersoft has been a leader in the realm of audio, standing for passion, creativity and innovation. The company’s three founders started the business in a small kitchen in Florence, Italy and since then company’s operation has led to many innovations.

A pioneer in switched-mode technology, Powersoft mastered the design and development of a new Class-D amplifier that was able to deliver consistently reliable high power levels, something that had never been achieved before. The development of fixed frequency switching mode technology for professional amplifiers delivered many benefits to its professional products, including unprecedented low noise leakage, low crosstalk and a deterministic behaviour suitable for any and all power levels.

Powersoft is constantly breaking new ground in terms of what is possible. It holds dozens of patents, has meaningful manufacturing partners around the world and also holds the keys to what will be possible in the next generation of audio.


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